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Our Approach for Individuals

Whether you are self-employed, independent contracting or switching jobs, individual insurance is an option for you. Outcomes serves the individual client market and makes recommendations by matching your specific insurance needs to the best policies in the marketplace. Our agency employs medical professionals as well as insurance agents to guide you through the maze of the health care reform bill and provides you with complimentary advice on the appropriate use of your health care dollars. We do not charge any fee for our services and it is our guarantee that you will pay the same monthly premium that you would be if you went directly to an insurer or through another broker. We look forward to serving your needs.

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But I already have insurance!

If you currently have an individual insurance policy, we can compare your policy to industry standards and provide you weekly updates specific to your medical condition from our medical staff or insurance policy from our broker department.

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What if I can't afford insurance?

If you cannot afford insurance, you may qualify for tax credits to purchase health insurance.

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Insurance News & Faq's

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