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Top Rated Hand Car Wash Miramar, Fl

RCG is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations!

Hand Car Wash Miramar, Fl

RCG uses clean mircofiber towels on each vehicle. Our towels are washed and or discarded daily to make sure dirt from other vehicles are not transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Each surface on the vehicle will get it's own towel. (Windows, Painted surfaces, Wheels, Chome and interior components). Let us take care of your car! Our goal is to make life simpler, one car at a time. DETAILING IS OUR PASSION, NOT JUST OUR JOB!

Ridin’ Clean Garage is an owner-operated business with a passion for automobiles that strives to deliver the best relationship between you and your vehicle.

Hand Car Wash & Wax

  • Pre-rinse

  • Hand wash

  • Rinse and dry

  • Hand clean wheels & rims

  • Gloss tires

  • Clear door jams and Windows

  • Inside and out

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