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Fort Lauderdale Crime Statistics

Fort Lauderdale Crime Statistics

fort lauderdale, broward county florida

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department Crime Analysis Unit produces reports which depict our crime and service statistics. The reports are available here. The reports detail robbery, burglary, auto theft totals, arrests, traffic enforcement and calls for service by Police District and Zone and by Homeowner group .

Data for these reports are retrieved from the FLPD Records Management System (RMS) or the Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), which is the FBI's crime index statistics. The difference between the two types of reports are described below.

Questions regarding these statistics may be addressed to the Crime Analysis Unit at:

Or, you can do your own research online at or

(Note: Some files are large and may load slowly.)

Current Crime Reports (RMS)

  • Hate Crimes Report [XLS] (Based on Verified Hate Crimes to 2015 to Date)

  • Citywide Report [PDF] (Based on new District Alignment)

  • District One Report [PDF] (Based on new District Alignment)

  • District Two Report [PDF] (Based on new District alignment)

  • District Three Report [PDF] (Based on new District alignment)

  • City and Districts Annual Comparisons[PDF] (Based on new District alignments)

  • Homeowner Association Year-to-Date Report [PDF]

  • Homeowner Association Monthly Comparisons [PDF]

  • Homeowner Association Annual Comparisons[PDF]

What is the difference between the UCR reports and the RMS reports? Occasionally, a person reviewing crime statistics will find a difference in the totals of the same offense in two reports. The reason for this is that there are two different kinds of reports, UCR and RMS. The following table is here so you can understand the difference when the numbers do not match.

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