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Dr. Donald Fox Orthodontist South Florida

Dr. Donald Fox Orthodontist South Florida

Hi, this is Dr. Donald Fox. I'm an orthodontist in South Florida. I have offices from Deerfield beach near Boca Raton, all the way to South beach. Today what I wanted to discuss with you is how you can do Invisalign with complicated cases. Many patients come to me who have been told they can't have Invisalign. Let's go over some of the simple things in this video. One of them is a person comes in and this is a model of the upper and lower teeth and the lower teeth are all crooked and you don't want, there's no way to do this without taking teeth out. But what you can do is, and it's kind of unreal to hear this, but we can actually take out one front, lower tooth and we put on metal braces on the lower cause last time when people smile and talk, they don't even show their lower teeth. So we do the treatment, but it has to be done with lower braces because the Invisalign trays, you get one every two weeks, only move your teeth about 0.25 millimeters per tray. Braces move teeth faster than that. So this is Invisalign by the way. So there's also one for the lower, but the plastic will not move. When we take out this front lower tooth, the bone is going to be so thin that the teeth, the bone will start disappearing before we get the space close. So what we did is we use metal braces on the lower, we put them on first so that we take out the tooth and then within a week or last we start moving right away cause you can't be running around with a hole in your mouth and the bone will start dissolving away. If you don't show it back up for two months or you get the 2001st and then you put the lower brace on, that's bad too.

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