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What is a Felony?

Miami Dade County Bail Bonds: A felony refers to the most serious types of crimes, which can be either violent or non-violent. The main feature of a felony is that if you are convicted, you will receive jail time of least one year. Also, you will serve the jail time in a prison facility, not a palm beach county or local jail.

Felony charges may be accompanied by criminal fines, often in the range of thousands of dollars. Examples of felony crimes are arson, robbery, attempted murder, homicide, drug trafficking, criminal damage to property, and human trafficking. Felonies are normally classified in contrast to misdemeanors. Misdemeanor crimes are less serious and usually attract a small fine and/or jail time of not more than 12 months in jail. Examples of misdemeanor crimes are vandalism, petty theft, and disorderly conduct. Have more questions? Give us a call (305) 331-7887

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