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Best Pole Dance Fitness Classes - Doral, Miami

best pole dance fitness classes miami doral

Vertical Dance Fitness USA is Doral premier pole dance fitness studio for anyone looking for a healthy body! We are located in Doral, Miami, Florida, Our modern and fully equipped Studio has a 17 foot high ceiling, and is divided into two rooms.

One has 8 spinning poles, static vertical bars, an aerial pole, a rope, aerial fabric, and there is an horizontal bar for strength training. It also has an area for yoga, gymnastics or dancing classes. The other room has aerial equipment... such as: cube, trapeze, lyra, fabrics and aerial yoga swings. There is also a nursery (daycare) room for mothers to leave their children while training.

Pole dancing, or Pole Fitness, is a fun and physically demanding form of exercise that can make you fit and feel sexy at the same time. At an advanced level, pole dancing is both a cardio and strength workout, which can burn 800 calories an hour or more!



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