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Miami Bondsman Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

Overcrowded jails are very dangerous during virus outbreaks. One coronavirus case quickly infects everyone else. That includes inmates and staff. Furthermore, many inmates have compromised immune systems, largely due to drug use, HIV exposure, alcohol abuse, and other conditions that may have contributed to their initial incarceration. The powerful coronavirus usually makes such people seriously ill, at best.

This situation has prompted some people to redefine “reasonable bail,” as well as the nature of bail conditions. Rather predictably, advocacy groups, like The Bail Project, have urged officials to essentially empty county jails as the disease spreads across the nation. Perhaps more surprisingly, Attorney General William Barr recently instructed federal prosecutors to account for coronavirus when they make bail recommendations. Global pandemics make strange bedfellows.

How does all this affect Miami-Dade County families who are dealing with the sudden and unexpected arrest of a friend or loved one? Downtown Miami bail bondsmen have more options than ever when it comes to getting people out of jail before they stand trial and possibly keeping them out permanently, unless a judge sentences them to incarceration.

Procedural Knowledge in a Fluid Situation

Bail bondsmen do more than just get people out of jail. They are an excellent resource for things like the amount of bail and how to preemptively determine bail conditions given the defendants set of circumstances. Before March 2020, these answers were usually easy to obtain. But then, everything changed. Since the onset of COVID-19, these answers change daily in our current environment.

Perhaps moreso than other criminal justice professionals, bail bondsmen know more about what’s going on inside the jails than other folks. They also frequently know about the next policy declaration before it becomes public. Up-to-date information is crucial, and the Fizer Bonding Company bail bonds office (bail bond near me) is the best place to get it.

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